When to Call if You are in Labor

Phone Number to Call during or After Business Hours:

In later pregnancy it is normal to have an increase in Braxton-Hicks contractions and vaginal discharge. You may also experience mild cramping and pink bloody show. These are all healthy signs that your body is preparing itself for labor, but we can not predict exactly when that will happen.

Latent Phase

The latent phase (the first 4 cms.) is the longest stage of labor characterized by contractions that are irregular in frequency, intensity, and duration. It can take several hours or several days to work through this part of your labor, and the best place to do it is in the comfort of your own home. Remember to eat and drink as usual during this time. REST whenever possible.

If This is Your First Baby or First Vaginal Birth

When your contractions are consistently 4-5 minutes apart, lasting 60 seconds for 1-2 hours and require your full attention to cope, you may be entering the active phase of labor and you should call the office, we would like to hear from you.

If You Have Had One or More Vaginal Births

Please call when your contractions are consistently 5-7 minutes apart, lasting 45-60 seconds and require effort in coping.

If Your Water Breaks

Occasionally your water (amniotic membranes) will break prior to the onset of labor. Some women experience a gush of fluid, others an intermittent trickle. The fluid should be clear, cloudy or pink. 90% of women will go into spontaneous labor within 24 hours of rupturing their membranes. If you think your water has broken please call us.

Call Immediately If:

  • You are bleeding more than a period
  • You experience labor or ruptured membranes before 37 weeks of pregnancy
  • Your amniotic fluid is yellow or green
  • If you are having fetal movement concerns
  • You have questions or concerns

Phone Number to call: