Covid 19 Updates



In Offices:

  • One visitor only is permitted to accompany you to your Wellesley Women’s Care appointment, if necessary.
  • Visitors must wait OUTSIDE our office in hallway or car until patient’s appointment time.
  • No children at this time are permitted. * infants permitted at 6 week post partum visit.

In Hospital:

  • Maternal Child Health (Labor and delivery) located on 5NORTH– 2 support persons are permitted to accompany a patient in labor.
  • 1 support person permitted for the duration of their post-partum stay.
    • Must be 18 or over.
    • No sibling visitors
  • A Second support person, is permitted while on 5SOUTH – our labor evaluation unit.
  • A second support person is not permitted for cesarean sections.
  • Special Care Nursery – Two (2) parents or one (1) parent and one (1) support person may accompany/visit a neonatal patient. This is the only visitor permitted during the hospital stay.


Along with other MGB OB/GYN practices we have made some changes to the frequency that we will see you for an office visit and supplement some visits with a TELEMEDICINE visit. The timing of the in-person visits and TELEMED appointments will be discussed with you at your next encounter with a provider.


Wellesley Women’s Care does not accept late prenatal transfers unless referred by a physician.

Child Birth Education

NWH offers a virtual tour, for more information


NWH has implemented Covid-19 testing for ALL ASYMPTOMATIC obstetrical patients that will be admitted for a cesarean section, cervical ripening or induction of labor.

Your care provider in our office will place the order for the test which is to be done 48-72 hours prior to youradmission. Our office will schedule this for you. The testing is done at the one of the MGB / COVID testing sites.

Testing hours vary by location but are done on evenings and Saturdays and Sundays.

NWH Discharge When Ready Policy

Please be aware that during this unusual time, we are preparing patients to leave the hospital when ready. This means that 24 hours after your vaginal delivery you may be ready to leave, patients delivered via CS may leave as early as post op day 2. Of course, each patients’ individual needs’ will be addressed.


7:00 AM- 6:00PM Newton-Wellesley Hospital has locked all external entrances to the medical office buildings. You may enter through the parking garage, West or East Entrances. You will be directed to a screening point where you will be screened by hospital staff for COVID-19 symptoms before being admitted to the hospital buildings.


After 6PM and before 7AM You must enter the hospital through the emergency department entrance.

You will be screened and provided a mask and will be directly escorted to labor and delivery.