Instructions for Glucose Tolerance Testing

Glucose Screening Test

Pregnancy can alter the way the body metabolizes sugars and carbohydrates. This effect can cause a form of diabetes in the third trimester for some women. Therefore, we recommend all pregnant women between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy to have a glucose-screening test. If it is abnormal, a diagnostic glucose tolerance test will be scheduled.

Some women may experience a feeling of hunger after the test. We suggest that you bring a protein snack with you to eat after the test is complete.


  • You may eat and drink before drinking the glucola but you should AVOID FOODS/DRINKS WITH SUGAR (including fruit, juice, candy, etc.) Once you drink the glucola, wait until after your blood is drawn to eat and drink again. 
  • Refrigerate the glucola prior to drinking it (it tastes better cold).
  • Drink it with in 5 minutes.
  • Your blood needs to be drawn one hour after you finish the drink.
  • Remember to allow for travel time.
  • When you arrive for your visit please inform the receptionist what time you finished your drink.  Your blood will be drawn one hour from this time.